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Cosmetology Hybrid Programs

Introducing Aaliyah Cosmetology School's Hybrid Program

Discover your passion for beauty with our comprehensive Cosmetology Hybrid Program at Aaliyah Cosmetology School. Whether you're drawn to cutting, coloring, styling, or nail care, skin treatments, and makeup application, our program offers thorough training to help you excel.

Why Choose Aaliyah's Hybrid Program?

Our hybrid approach combines traditional classroom learning with cutting-edge digital resources to provide you with an unparalleled educational experience. Here's why our program stands out:

1. Enhanced Learning Experience:

Our program seamlessly integrates in-class instruction with digital learning, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

2. CIMA by Milady:

We utilize the industry-leading CIMA platform by Milady, offering access to high-quality content anytime, anywhere.

3. Convenient and Flexible:

With CIMA, you can access course materials 24/7 from any device, accommodating different learning styles and schedules.

4. Interactive Learning Environment:

Engage with instructors and peers through live chats, and receive real-time grading and instant feedback on assignments and quizzes. 

5. Effective Exam Preparation:

Our program is meticulously designed to prepare you thoroughly for the state licensing exam, boosting your confidence and success.

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Unlock Your Potential in the World of BeautyAt Aaliyah Cosmetology School, we believe in making learning enjoyable, engaging, and efficient.

Our hybrid program offers a dynamic approach to cosmetology education, setting you up for a rewarding career in the beauty industry.

Join us and experience the future of cosmetology education. To learn more about CIMA by Milady, visit

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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is best in cosmetology?

In cosmetology, the best course often depends on your interests, career goals, and the specific skills you want to develop. At Aaliyah Cosmetology School, we offer a variety of courses to cater to different preferences and career paths. Our most popular courses include:

  1. Cosmetology: This comprehensive course covers hair care, skincare, makeup application, and nail care, preparing students for a range of beauty careers.

  2. Esthetics: Focuses primarily on skincare techniques, including facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion, ideal for those interested in becoming skincare specialists or estheticians.

  3. Barbering: Designed for individuals passionate about men's grooming, covering haircutting, shaving, beard maintenance, and styling.

  4. Nail Technology: Concentrates on manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail artistry, perfect for aspiring nail technicians.

Ultimately, the best course for you will depend on your interests, skills, and career aspirations.

What is the cost of beauty school? $650 down, $50 a week

At Aaliyah Cosmetology School, we believe in making quality education accessible. Our beauty school program requires an initial payment of $650, followed by weekly payments of $50. This payment plan allows students to pursue their passion for cosmetology without worrying about a large upfront cost. Additionally, financial aid options may be available for those who qualify.

What are the benefits of attending beauty school?

Attending beauty school at Aaliyah Cosmetology School offers numerous benefits:

  • Hands-On Training: Our programs provide practical, hands-on experience to prepare students for real-world beauty careers.

  • Industry Expertise: Learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry.

  • Versatile Career Opportunities: With a cosmetology education, graduates can pursue various careers in hair styling, skincare, makeup artistry, and more.

  • Creativity and Expression: Cosmetology allows individuals to express their creativity while helping others feel confident and beautiful.

  • Job Security: The beauty industry is always in demand, offering stable job opportunities for skilled professionals.

  • Flexible Schedules: Many beauty schools offer flexible scheduling options, making it easier for students to balance their education with other responsibilities.

What are the different beauty careers available in cosmetology?

Cosmetology offers a wide range of career opportunities, including:

  • Hair Stylist: Cutting, coloring, and styling hair for clients in salons or as freelance stylists.

  • Esthetician: Providing skincare treatments, facials, and hair removal services in spas, salons, or medical settings.

  • Makeup Artist: Creating makeup looks for special occasions, photo shoots, film, television, and fashion shows.

  • Nail Technician: Performing manicures, pedicures, and nail enhancements in nail salons or spas.

  • Barber: Specializing in men's grooming, including haircuts, shaves, and beard trims.

  • Salon Owner/Manager: Managing or owning a salon, overseeing staff, operations, and client services.

What are the job opportunities for a Cosmetology professional?

Cosmetology professionals have a wide range of job opportunities, including:

  • Salon Stylist/Technician: Working in hair, skincare, or nail salons, providing services to clients.

  • Freelance Artist: Offering services on a freelance basis for weddings, events, and photo shoots.

  • Spa Esthetician: Providing skincare treatments and services in spas or wellness centers.

  • Beauty Advisor/Sales Representative: Working for beauty brands in retail settings, providing product recommendations and sales assistance.

  • Educator/Instructor: Teaching cosmetology courses at beauty schools or training centers.

  • Salon Manager: Overseeing daily operations, staff management, and client services in a salon setting.

What is the average salary for a Cosmetologist?

The average salary for cosmetologists varies depending on factors such as location, experience, and specialization. In the United States, the average annual salary for cosmetologists ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. However, experienced professionals or those with specialized skills may earn significantly more.

What are the admission requirements for cosmetology school?

To enroll in Aaliyah Cosmetology School, applicants must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Minimum Age: Applicants must be at least 16 years old.

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent: A high school diploma or GED certificate is typically required for admission.

  • Application Process: Complete the school's application form and submit any required documents, such as transcripts or identification.

  • Interview: Some schools may require an interview to assess the applicant's interest and suitability for the program.

What type of training and certification will I receive from cosmetology school?

At Aaliyah Cosmetology School, students receive comprehensive training in their chosen field of study, whether it's cosmetology, esthetics, barbering, or nail technology. Our programs include a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on practice, and real-world experience to prepare students for licensure and successful careers in the beauty industry.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are eligible to take the state licensing exam to become certified cosmetologists, estheticians, barbers, or nail technicians, depending on their chosen field.

How many years does it take to study cosmetology in the USA?

The length of cosmetology programs can vary depending on the state and the specific school's curriculum. In the USA, most cosmetology programs typically range from 9 months to 2 years. At Aaliyah Cosmetology School, our cosmetology program is designed to be completed in approximately 12-18 months, depending on the student's schedule and pace of learning.



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